Branded or non-branded that is the question

What does a brand repsent in the collective imagination? Why do people choose branded products instead of the generic ones? Why would someone never buy a product that did not have its favorite brand and others do not even notice? Is there a real difference between branded products and generic products?

Repsenting ideas

We live in a world governed by advertising, where objects have stopped being simply objects. Everything that reaches the market becomes a door open on an idea, an access to a desired world. Most advertising campaigns, the most effective ones, have won just by playing with this concept: you just have to wear that particular pair of shoes or that shirt to become great athletes. Being able to own the favorite branded products is the passport to the world they repsent.

Quality and brand get along?

The obsession with certain branded products negates the need to know if they perform their work properly. Of course, it would not be fair to generalize. If saying branded products is not quality grit, the opposite is not true either. That toothbrush that defeats caries, that detergent that bleaches even the most stubborn stains, that dress sewed by the fairies of the woods: can all those branded products be really miraculous as they are psented?

Sometimes it is true

There is so much work behind a branded product, so much money has been invested that it may be that a very high quality result has been achieved.

If the company has invested on quality, technologies, skilled labor, raw materials and not exclusively on advertising and market strategies, it happens that its product can be better than many equivalent generic products. Sometimes wanting the best can coincide with the purchase of branded products, other times, however, they are just smoke and mirrors.